Aural Emissions from Root Hog Or Die

“Root Hog Or Die” began in 2006 as a program produced for East Village Radio in New York City, consisting primarily of folk and vernacular music from around the world. In June 2014 it was restarted for the third? fourth? time on ARTxFM in Louisville, Kentucky, through which it will stream every Tuesday 3-4 PM EST. We’ll present those shows (when successfully captured; it’s harder than you think) and the occasional mix here.

November 26, 2014.

Post-Ferguson, pre-Thanksgiving.
Root Hog Or Die episode #15, ARTxFM.

01. Unidentified Yacui group: Los Pascolas [which host absentmindedly calls “Pastoras”]
02. Congregation of Bahta Cathedral, Addis Ababa: Prayer of thanksgiving
03. Jim Jackson: Bye Bye Policeman
04. Rev. John Wilkins: Thank You Sir
05. Unidentified Magyar group, Transylvania: Courage & verbunk dances
06. John Clarke: We Want Some Solution
07. Frank Proffitt: Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
08. Lo Ka Ping: Returning Home
09. Jaipur Kawa Brass Band: Sajanava
10. Lonnie Liston Smith: In Search of Truth
11. Yinon Muallem: Wish for Peace


July 29, 2014.

Root Hog Or Die episode #6, ARTxFM.

01. Allen Brothers: Cheat ‘Em
02. Louie Bluie with Ted Bogan and Carl Martin: They Cut Down the Old Pine Tree
03. Martin Carthy: Swaggering Boney
04. Virgil Anderson: Trouble
05. Pope’s Arkansas Mountaineers: George Washington
06. Marion Campbell: Kentucky Moonshiner
07. Carter Brothers & Son: Cotton-Eyed Joe
08. Bessie Jones: Diamond Joe
09. Big Charlie Butler: Diamond Joe
10. Jimmy Wade’s Moulin Rouge Orchestra: Original Black Bottom Dance
11. Rev. Baybie Hoover & Virginia Brown: Royal Telephone
12. Lottie Murrell: I Got A Gal Across the Bottom
13. Elder Roma Wilson & sons: Might As Well Get Ready
14. Brendan Behan: The Zoological Gardens
15. Lottie Murrell: Trouble Late Last Night


July 23, 2014.

Root Hog Or Die episode #5, ARTxFM. 

1. Sleepy John Estes: Drop Down Mama
2. Fred McDowell: Drop Down Mama
3. Elder Anderson Johnson: God Don’t Like It
4. Elder Anderson Johnson: The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow
5. Brother Claude Ely & the Cumberland Four: Little David, Play On Your Harp
6. Jeannie Robertson: The Laird of the Dentidoonbye
7. Buell Kazee: Lady Gay
8. Monroe Brothers: Where Is My Sailor Boy
9. William Brown: Ragged & Dirty
10. J.B. Smith: Tried By Fire
11: Banjo Bill Cornett: Roll On John
12. Bukka White: Promise True and Grand
13. Bukka White: I Am the Heavenly Way
14. Washington Phillips: Take Your Burden to the Lord and Leave It There
15. Walter Family: That’s My Rabbit, My Dog Caught It


May 10, 2014.

The weather was cool and then it was warm and then it was hot and this was a means of responding. 

1. Unidentified Parchman Farm inmates: The Weather Get Warm
2. Figgy Duff: Now I’m 64
3. Angelas LeJeune with Dennis McGee & Ernest Frugé: La Valse De Church Point
4. Jody Stecher: The Hills of Isle Au Haut
5. Jack Owens: Jack Ain’t Had No Water
6. Shirley & Dolly Collins: Just As the Tide Was Flowing
7. Eggs Over Easy: Arkansas
8. Roan Mountain Hilltoppers: Natchez Over the Hill
9. Carter Brothers and Son: Give the Fiddler A Dram
10. Nortfolk Jazz Quartette: Louisiana Bo Bo
11. Jimmy Wade’s Moulin Rouge Orchestra: Original Black Bottom Dance
12. Eddie Butcher: Shores of Benone
13. Michael Ó Domhnaill and Kevin Burke: Is Fada Lion Uaim Í
14. Norman Greenbaum: Circulate
15. Glen Sherley: Frisco Song
16. Radio Four: The Blood Done Signed My Name
17. Rev. Robert Wilkins: Thank You Sir
18. Jacques Brel: La Ville S’endormait


May 1, 2013: 139th running of the Kentucky Derby

A brief return to RHOD form radio with our favorite show to put together: the Kentucky Derby show.

1. Chet Atkins: Kentucky Derby
2. Helen Humes with Sylvester Weaver and Walter Beasley: Race Horse Blues
3. Tom T. Hall: Faster Horses
4. Ora Alexander: Rider Needs A Fast Horse
5. Bill Stepp & Walter Williams: The Wild Horse
6. Merle Haggard: Kentucky Gambler
7. Papa Charlie Jackson: Lexington Kentucky Blues
8. Stanley Brothers: Molly & Tenbrooks
9. John Byrd: Old Timbrook Blues
10. Bradley Kincaid: The Fatal Derby Day
11. Michael Hurley: Gambling Charley
12. Charlie Poole & N.C. Ramblers: If I Lose I Don’t Care
13. Crockett’s Kentucky Mountaineers: Roving Gambler
14. Alex Hood & His Railroad Boys: L&N Rag
15. Brother Stevens: Glasgow KY
16. Boys from Indiana: Will Heaven Be Like Kentucky?
17. Elephant Micah: Hawaii and the Derby Day
18. Mike Oldfield: On Horseback
19. Richard Thompson: The Angels Took My Racehorse Away
20. Lal & Mike Waterson: Fine Horseman
21. Willie Mitchell: The Horse
22. Little Hat Jones: Kentucky Blues
23. Bascom Lamar Lunsford: Lost John Dean
24. Mickey Newbury: Leaving Kentucky
25. Tom T. Hall: It’s Got to Be Kentucky for Me


December 18, 2012: Songs of Song 

What began momentarily with seasonal orientation became this instead: songs of songs and singing, mostly to the godhead, in one incarnation or another.

1. Sister Gertrude Morgan: Let’s Make A Record
2. Famous Smith Radio Chorus: Sing Till the Power of the Lord Comes Down
3. E.C. Ball with Orna Ball and Blair Reedy: When I Get Home I’m Gonna Be Satisfied
4. Corley Family: Way to Glory Land
5. Middle Georgia Singing Convention #1: This Song of Love
6. Joseph Spence: Live the Life I Sing About In My Song
7. Nimrod Workman: Little David Play On Your Harp
8. Bessie Jones & Georgia Sea Island Singers: Little David
9. Joe Reed & Family: Little David Play On Your Harp
10. Ras Michael & the Sons of Negus: Little David
11. Norman & Nancy: Precious Memories (Was A Song I Used to Hear)
12. Ola Belle & Family: Sing Me A Song
13. John Davis & Georgia Sea Island Singers: Join the Band
14. Fiddlin’ John Carson: Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over (Then We’ll Join the Band)
15. Richard & Linda Thompson: We Sing Hallelujah
16. 1959 United Sacred Harp Convention: Hallelujah / Amazing Grace
17. Jerry Jeff Walker: It’s A Good Night for Singing
18. Almeda Riddle: Lonesome Dove (last verse)


August 22, 2012: Back to School

1. Bunny Wailer: Back to School
2. Peetie Wheatstraw with Charley Jordan: School Days
3. Benny Moten’s Kansas City Orchestra: Professor Hot Stuff
4. Plush: No Education (edit)
5. Yusef Lateef: Bishop School
6. Extra Prolific: Go Back to School
7. Gabriel Brown with Rochelle French: Education Blues
8. Jo Jo Gunne: High School Drool
9. The Texas Drifter (Goebel Reeves): The Yodelin’ Teacher
10. Leon Rosselson: School Taught Me
11. Leaders of the New School: Teachers Don’t Teach Us Nonsense
12. Desi Roots: School Tonight
13. Archie Edwards: My Old Schoolmates
14. Addie Graham: I Am A Little Scholar
15. Mickey Katz: Cheder Days
16. Flick Wilson: School Days
17. Ernest Stoneman & the Blue Ridge Corn Shuckers: Possom Trot School Exhibition, Pts. 1 & 2
18. Dixon Brothers: The School House Fire
19. Terry Allen: The Great Joe Bob (A Regional Tragedy)
20. Void: Organized Sports -> Annoyed
21. Harry Nilsson: Poly Hi
22. Chi-Lites: Yes I’m Ready (If I Don’t Get to Go)
23. Prince Alla: Go to School


6 responses to “Aural Emissions from Root Hog Or Die

  1. Please put out more music. I loved your radio show and there is just nothing out there that is even remotely as good.

    • Many thanks for the good word, Christina. The weekly obligation was too much to handle, but I’m hoping to start doing one every few weeks for posting here.

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