Root Hog Or Die is wangled by Nathan Salsburg. Born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; raised up in Louisville, Kentucky. Curator of the Alan Lomax Archive / Association for Cultural Equity, in the service of the late folklorist/musical anthropologist’s life’s work.

Other involvements include album productions of some similar musics as that found herein, under various cover; among them a recording imprint called Twos & Fews in association with Chicago’s Drag City label. Also musicianeering, as the old-timers say, also covered here. See “Nathan Salsburg guitar music,” above.

RHOD was begun as an opportunity to cover folkish-music related subjects as time and inclination allow, and to provide assistance to the adventurous sonic surfer in travels throughout the Internet’s democratic (and free) clearing-houses of traditional, local, site-specific musics. See “The World’s Mp3s.”

At the Kentucky Oaks, 2001

Caption: At Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Oaks, moons ago, before those awful apartment-block towers went up and dwarfed the twin spires. The straw-and-silk hat was a gift to my father from an old man who never learned to drive named Jesse Hyman. Jesse’s apartment was flooded during Wilkes-Barre’s legendary Flood of 1972, and my father helped him for many hours cleaning, moving, damage controlling. Jesse, who reportedly was hardly in financial straits, gave my father his hat as a thank-you. My grandfather was furious, and slammed his fist on the table, shouting “How dare he give you his hat! Don’t let him give you his hat! You give it back!”

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