R.I.P. Phyllis Workman Boyens Liptak

Phyllis Workman Boyens Liptak, daughter of Nimrod and Molly Workman, and a fine singer and composer died Wednesday, December 9, at the age of 62. She appeared with Nimrod on an LP called “Passing Through the Garden,” the first release on the June Appal label, in 1974. I had the great pleasure of working briefly with Ms. Liptak on an album of her father’s songs and stories, and she was very gracious, enthusiastic, and kind. I wish all peace and strength to her family.

Here’s an original composition of Phyllis’s, shot by Alan Lomax in 1983, at her parents’ home in Mascot, Tennessee.


3 responses to “R.I.P. Phyllis Workman Boyens Liptak

  1. I was a kid and my mom watched phillis’s wild boys for a few days when- the mutual friend asked our mother to keep them for a few days and give them a break- as we already had a house full- why not two more- so while she was acting in the movie coalminers daughter-her wild boys ran in out and around our house .she also did gigs and played music with my brother inlaw of the time and stepfather-and i learned wintertime in the mountains -quiloquay and o-death-we new all the folk singers john mcutchen-david and jenny holt -nimrod-we lived right down the road from phillis and used to ride our horses there -before she lived there there where some beautiful jacobs sheep that belonged to the previous owner that my sister was secretly longing to have -so we often rode by just to see them -when we heard phillis was moving there- we new just where she was. My sister and i are now writing beautiful songs playing guitar and banjo and singing and i must say phillis is the most inspiring beautiful and original singer-Im working on a song called dancing skinny on the mountain -about my sister nimrod phillis and other skinny characters of the apalachain mountains .

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