Nathan Salsburg guitar music



In duet form with Joan Shelley.

July 12 • Space • San Diego, CA
July 14 • McCabe’s Guitar Shop • Santa Monica, CA
July 15 • Swedish American Hall • San Francisco, CA
July 18 • Mississippi Studios • Portland, OR
July 19 • Tractor Tavern • Seattle, WA
July 21 • The Heights • Houston, TX
July 22 • The Paramount • Austin, TX
July 23 • Kessler Theater • Dallas, TX
Sept 1 •  Into The Great Wide Open • Vieland NL
Sept 3 • Aalhaus • Hamburg DE
Sept 4 • Kantine am Berghain • Berlin DE
Sept 5•Curcurucu • Munich DE
Sept 7 • La Batie Festival • Nyon CH
Sept 8 • Schauraum • Olten CH
Sept 10 • Leffingeleuren Festival • Leffinge BE
Sept 11 • Le Pop-Up du Label • Paris FR
Sept 12 • Bush Hall • London UK
Sept 14 • St. Mary’s Church •Guilford UK
Sept 15 • The Good Life Experience • Flintshire UK •
Sept 16 • C-Art Festival • Penrith UK
Sept 17 • The Trades Club • Hebden Bridge UK


“Planxty Davis,” after Nic Jones’ arrangement, November 2015.

NPR Tiny Desk Concert with Joan Shelley, taped September 2015.

“Mrs. Gristle’s Reel” and “Concessions,” Philly house show, February 2015. Shot by Jesse Sheppard.

“Chief Wants,” January 2013.

NPR Tiny Desk Concert: “Affirmed” and “Eight Belles Dreamt the Devil Was Dead,” taped February 2012.

“Sought & Hidden.” Compiled by cinemanonymous – amateur Kentucky Derby footage shot on 8mm in 1936 and 1947 and Super 8 in 1973 and 2000.


Bonnie “Prince” Billy and Nathan Salsburg: untitled 7″ EP
Paradise of Bachelors, April 2017.
“Wallins Creek Girls”

James Elkington and Nathan Salsburg: “Ambsace”
Paradise of Bachelors, September 2014.
“Up of Stairs”:

Nathan Salsburg: “Hard for to Win and Can’t Be Won”
No Quarter, September 2013.
“First Field Path”:

Nathan Salsburg: “Affirmed”

No Quarter, November 2011.
“Back Home In Bogenbrook”:

James Elkington and Nathan Salsburg: “Avos”
Tompkins Square, August 2011.
“Believer Field”:

“Bold Ruler’s Joys.”
Included on Imaginational Anthem, Volume 3.
Tompkins Square, 2008.

Solo tunings (not accounting for key):
Affirmed: DADF#DG
Back Home In Bogenbrook: DGDGBD
Blues for Eight Belles: DADF#AD
Bold Ruler’s Joys: DADGBE
Chief Wants: EAEGCE
Concessions: CGDGAD
Dog At Bay: DADEAD
Eight Belles Dreamt the Devil Was Dead: DADF#AD
First Field Path: DADABE
Fraught With Hornpipe: DGDGCD
Mrs. Gristle’s Reel: CGDGAD
Paraffin & Turpentine: EAEGCE
Sought & Hidden: DADGCE
What Can’t Be Won: DADABD


4 responses to “Nathan Salsburg guitar music

  1. Hi Nathan,
    I had some 78 bid sheets from Don Wahle found in the Record Research warehouse in Brooklyn. I tracked him as far as seeing he passed in 2010 and phone was disconnected. Glad you rescued his treasures from oblivion.
    Sherwin Dunner

  2. Pingback: Spice It Up, Buttercup | New2Lou·

    • I can’t read or write tab, but if someone who could cared to take it on that’d be more than fine by me.

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